Codycross Student Life Group 936 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Coating Buffing Designed To Protect Cars
Solution: Waxing

Question: Curious George Is This Kind Of Animal
Solution: Monkey

Question: Early Kevin Smith Movie
Solution: Clerks

Question: Hanna Barberas Waistcoat Wearing Feline
Solution: Top cat

Question: Individual With Exceptional Memory Skills
Solution: Savant

Question: Mark American Abstract Artist With Latvian Roots
Solution: Rothko

Question: Metamorphic Rock That Sounds Nice
Solution: Gneiss

Question: Mollusks That Produce Mucin And Have A Shell
Solution: Snails

Question: Pret A Describing Ready To Wear Clothes Fr
Solution: Porter

Question: Purchasing Book For A Business
Solution: Ledger

Question: Rightmost Pedal On A Piano For Vibrating Notes
Solution: Damper

Question: Second Of The Jovians
Solution: Saturn

Question: The Only English Word That Ends In Mt
Solution: Dreamt

Question: Triangular Sail
Solution: Lateen

Question: Unripened Flowers Used In Cuisine
Solution: Capers

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