Codycross Student Life Group 935 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Ex Capital Of Denmark Replaced By Copenhagen
Solution: Roskilde

Question: Landlocked Country Linked To The Origin Of Coffee
Solution: Ethiopia

Question: Last Name Of Tom And Dick Folk Comedy Brothers
Solution: Smothers

Question: Making Bedcovers
Solution: Quilting

Question: Penelope Fitzgerald Wrote This Novel In 1979
Solution: Offshore

Question: Protective Waterproof Layer Of A Tent
Solution: Flysheet

Question: Small Orange Aquatic Pet Kept In A Bowl
Solution: Goldfish

Question: State Where Power Is Held By The People
Solution: Republic

Question: The Dead Band Whose Fans Are Called Deadheads
Solution: Grateful

Question: The Plot Things Are Getting Interesting
Solution: Thickens

Question: The Study Of Fungi
Solution: Mycology

Question: These Ads On Social Media Go After Certain People
Solution: Targeted

Question: To Leave To A Person Or Beneficiary Via A Will
Solution: Bequeath

Question: Traditional Style Of Karate Founded In Japan
Solution: Shotokan

Question: Uma Thurmans Character In Kill Bill
Solution: The bride

Question: Unique Brilliant Over And Above The Rest
Solution: Standout

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