Codycross Student Life Group 935 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A Grand Hole In The Ground Made By Erosion
Solution: Canyon

Question: Arctic Mammal With Tusks And Flippers
Solution: Walrus

Question: Beach Boys Song Help Me
Solution: Rhonda

Question: Biles The Most Decorated Gymnast In History
Solution: Simone

Question: Brave And Stubborn Rabbit In Watership Down
Solution: Bigwig

Question: Caribbean Creole Religion With African Influence
Solution: Voodoo

Question: Chess Piece That Can Only Move Diagonally
Solution: Bishop

Question: Decrees Announcements Statutes
Solution: Edicts

Question: Nissan Owned Car Brand
Solution: Datsun

Question: Removed Stalk From Strawberries
Solution: Hulled

Question: Stars Gas And Dust Held Together By Gravity
Solution: Galaxy

Question: Swan Princess
Solution: Odette

Question: Swan Princess In The Ballet Swan Lake
Solution: Odette

Question: Tasks Like Doing Laundry Or Washing Dishes
Solution: Chores

Question: The Disney Character Also Known As Experiment 626
Solution: Stitch

Question: Union Of Scandinavia In 14th To 16th Centuries
Solution: Kalmar

Question: What Calvin Harris Did To Rita Ora Via Tweet
Solution: Dumped

Question: To Go Ready And Keen To Get Started
Solution: Raring

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