Codycross Student Life Group 934 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: An Angle Larger Than 90 Degrees
Solution: Obtuse

Question: Composer Of The 1790 Opera Cosi Fan Tutte
Solution: Mozart

Question: Country In Which The Yukon Is Located
Solution: Canada

Question: Food Item Made With Dough Steamed In A Corn Husk
Solution: Tamale

Question: Halsey Joined The Chainsmokers For This Song
Solution: Closer

Question: Katia Geologist Killed By Eruption Of Mt Unzen
Solution: Krafft

Question: Kevin Loved Her In The Wonder Years
Solution: Winnie

Question: Online Platform To Stay With Locals During Travel
Solution: Airbnb

Question: Pink Fleshed Fish That Return Home To Reproduce
Solution: Salmon

Question: Reached A Zenith
Solution: Peaked

Question: Suppressed An Individuals Freedom Of Speech
Solution: Gagged

Question: The Second Element On The Periodic Table
Solution: Helium

Question: The Surname Of Wrestler Stone Cold Steve
Solution: Austin

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