Codycross Student Life Group 934 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A 1984 Film About Destructive Multiplying Monsters
Solution: Gremlins

Question: Aliens The Ones From The Red Planet
Solution: Martians

Question: An Activity Where One Slides Downhill Over Snow
Solution: Sledding

Question: Animal That Walks On Four Limbs
Solution: Tetrapod

Question: Artists Palette Containing Different Hues
Solution: Paintbox

Question: BoJacks Last Name
Solution: Horseman

Question: Device That Stores Rotational Energy
Solution: Flywheel

Question: Exhausting Removing All Power
Solution: Draining

Question: French Speaking Swiss Canton On The Sarine River
Solution: Fribourg

Question: German American Writer Of Ham On Rye
Solution: Bukowski

Question: Kelly First Winner Of American Idol
Solution: Clarkson

Question: Latin For With Honors In An Education Context
Solution: Cum laude

Question: Most Of These Blood Vessels Carry Oxygenated Blood
Solution: Arteries

Question: Powerful Rulers Of Ancient Egypt
Solution: Pharaohs

Question: Scottish Band Whose Name Is Pronounced Churches
Solution: Chvrches

Question: This Fixes A Problem
Solution: Solution

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