Codycross Student Life Group 934 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: 1995 Sequel To El Mariachi
Solution: Desperado

Question: A Difficult Task
Solution: Challenge

Question: Business Simulation Game For Animal Park Fans
Solution: Zoo tycoon

Question: Culinary Delicacy And Parasitic Caterpillar Fungus
Solution: Cordyceps

Question: Jazzy Two Step Swing Dance
Solution: Jitterbug

Question: Spilling Into The Air As A Plume Of Smoke
Solution: Billowing

Question: Spotted Dog Thats A Mascot For US Firefighters
Solution: Dalmatian

Question: The Master Of Whisperers In Game Of Thrones
Solution: Lord varys

Question: Thomas Edisons Brightest Invention
Solution: Lightbulb

Question: Two Substances Combined Together
Solution: Admixture

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