Codycross Student Life Group 932 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: An Animal That Feeds On Refuse Or Carrion
Solution: Scavenger

Question: Ancient Greek Battle Over Paris Love For Helen
Solution: Trojan war

Question: Artwork Or Photograph Of An Urban Area
Solution: Cityscape

Question: English Seaside Town Known For Its Tower
Solution: Blackpool

Question: Eponymous Brothers In An 1880 Dostoyevsky Novel
Solution: Karamazov

Question: Persecutor Tyrant
Solution: Oppressor

Question: Queen Of The Desert In 1994 Comedy Film
Solution: Priscilla

Question: Singer Of Graceland Album And You Can Call Me Al
Solution: Paul simon

Question: The Inability To Experience Pleasure
Solution: Anhedonia

Question: Two Wheeled Transport With Fast Engine
Solution: Motorbike

Question: Unfairness Of A Court Ruling
Solution: Injustice

Question: Vast Saltwater Lake In Iran
Solution: Lake urmia

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