Codycross Student Life Group 927 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Circus Showman PT
Solution: Barnum

Question: Gift Or Ability
Solution: Talent

Question: He Sings Stuck On U And Location
Solution: Khalid

Question: Not New Headwear Analogy Meaning Out Of Date
Solution: Old hat

Question: One Beings Copies
Solution: Clones

Question: Pernod French Alcoholic Beverage Makers
Solution: Ricard

Question: Pet Care Brand Owned By Nestle
Solution: Purina

Question: Platform With Many DIY Games Including Adopt Me
Solution: Roblox

Question: Played The Requisite Number Of Golf Shots
Solution: Parred

Question: TV Series With Jon Hamm
Solution: Mad men

Question: The Permian Periods Largest Supercontinent
Solution: Pangea

Question: The Book Disney Movie Featuring Baloo The Bear
Solution: Jungle

Question: This Oluo Is A Nigerian American Writer
Solution: Ijeoma

Question: VW Car Model Also Known As The Bug
Solution: Beetle

Question: Woven Fabric Similar To The Texture Of Silk
Solution: Sateen

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