Codycross Student Life Group 927 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A California City A Medium Spice Pepper
Solution: Fresno

Question: Allison Oscar Winning I Tonya Actress
Solution: Janney

Question: Cartons Of Twelve Eggs
Solution: Dozens

Question: Code For Order Of Operations In Mathematics
Solution: Bodmas

Question: Human Lion Statue In Egypt
Solution: Sphinx

Question: Loose Fitting Frilly Headgear Of 19th C Women
Solution: Mob cap

Question: Michel Imperial Russian Ballet Choreographer
Solution: Fokine

Question: Nintendo Portable Game Console Launched In 2017
Solution: Switch

Question: Rain Comes With These Kinds Of Clouds
Solution: Nimbus

Question: Running Order Of A Business Meeting
Solution: Agenda

Question: Scotoplane Marine Cucumber Species
Solution: Sea pig

Question: Skull Wielding Prince In A Shakespeare Play
Solution: Hamlet

Question: Smallest Stringed Instrument In An Orchestra
Solution: Violin

Question: Stickers Used To Decorate A Vehicle
Solution: Decals

Question: To Zigzag Between Obstacles In Skiing
Solution: Slalom

Question: Type Of Rainbow Pebbles Flintstones Cereal
Solution: Fruity

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