Codycross Student Life Group 926 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A Nightmare On Elm Streets Villain Krueger
Solution: Freddy

Question: Battle At Which Octavian Defeated Antony
Solution: Actium

Question: Chimneys Are Made Of These Baked Clay Blocks
Solution: Bricks

Question: Country Pope John Paul II Came From
Solution: Poland

Question: Fancy Word For Napkins Table Lines
Solution: Napery

Question: Horn Spectacles Tortoiseshell Glasses Frames
Solution: Rimmed

Question: Large Asian Antelope Also Called The Blue Bull
Solution: Nilgai

Question: Number Of Degrees In A Right Angle
Solution: Ninety

Question: Request Bidding
Solution: Behest

Question: The Pointed Tools Used In Archery
Solution: Arrows

Question: The Sphinx Is Known For This Sort Of Question
Solution: Riddle

Question: This Is Out Of The Bag If A Secret Is Divulged
Solution: The cat

Question: You Can Go Your 1976 Fleetwood Mac Anthem
Solution: Own way

Question: Labed French Actress Trigonometrys Ray
Solution: Ariane

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