Codycross Student Life Group 925 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Animal Who Gives Its Name To Insincere Tears
Solution: Crocodile

Question: Cancellation Of A Debt
Solution: Remission

Question: German Spa Resort Capital Of The State Of Hesse
Solution: Wiesbaden

Question: Jerry Lee Lewis Sang Of Lace And A Pretty Face
Solution: Chantilly

Question: Likes To Stay Inside Alone
Solution: Reclusive

Question: Queen Of African Kingdom Of Ndongo 1581 1661
Solution: Ana nzinga

Question: Sport Played With A Shuttlecock
Solution: Badminton

Question: The Name Of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Solution: Quasimodo

Question: Very Small Home That Can Be Pulled By A Car
Solution: Tiny house

Question: Malinowski 20th Century Prominent Anthropologist
Solution: Bronislaw

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