Codycross Student Life Group 924 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A Type Of Writing Created From Ones Imagination
Solution: Fiction

Question: A Young Goose
Solution: Gosling

Question: Becomes More Easy Going
Solution: Mellows

Question: Ceramic Kitchen Vessel For Keeping Sodium Chloride
Solution: Salt pig

Question: Hindu And Jain Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity
Solution: Lakshmi

Question: Musical Performance Anagram Of Article
Solution: Recital

Question: Pilot Flight Expert
Solution: Aviator

Question: Promoter Who Managed Elvis Presley And Johnny Cash
Solution: Bob neal

Question: Shape Made By The Four Bases Of A Baseball Pitch
Solution: Diamond

Question: Side Eye Looks Denoting Suspicion
Solution: Askants

Question: The Practice Of Fermentation In Winemaking
Solution: Zymurgy

Question: The Pyrimidine Paired With Adenine In DNA
Solution: Thymine

Question: Thin Trees Seen In A Series Of Paintings By Monet
Solution: Poplars

Question: Make My Day
Solution: Go ahead

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