Codycross Student Life Group 924 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Anne Second Wife Of King Henry VIII
Solution: Boleyn

Question: Around The World In This Many Days
Solution: Eighty

Question: Canadian Singer Songwriter Of Girl On A Road
Solution: Ferron

Question: Capital City Of Supermans Home Planet Krypton
Solution: Kandor

Question: Constellation With The Brightest Star Canis Major
Solution: Sirius

Question: Dense Bread Rings That Are Popular In New York
Solution: Bagels

Question: Discount Clothing And Homeware Brand
Solution: T j maxx

Question: Exclusive Circle Of Close Friends
Solution: Clique

Question: Garden Areas With Concrete Paving
Solution: Patios

Question: He Who Has This Has Hope Per A Bible Verse
Solution: Health

Question: Mark Left By An Iron That Is Too Hot
Solution: Scorch

Question: Puzzling Cube Comprising 26 Smaller Cubes
Solution: Rubiks

Question: Snacks Preferred By Shaggys Best Dog Friend
Solution: Scooby

Question: The Nickname Of Englands Great Bell
Solution: Big ben

Question: Wolf Thwarted In Attempts To Catch Lambsy Pie
Solution: Mildew

Question: Cover Planting Aimed At Stopping Soil Erosion
Solution: Ground

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