Codycross Student Life Group 924 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Bib Front Apron Or Sleeveless Dress Over A Blouse
Solution: Pinafore

Question: Botswanas Capital Built In 1964
Solution: Gaborone

Question: Comments That Reveal A Movies Plot Twist
Solution: Spoilers

Question: Extremely Transparent Or Easy To Understand
Solution: Pellucid

Question: Fuel Tablet Dry Alcohol
Solution: Hexamine

Question: Horse Coat With White And Non Black Patches
Solution: Skewbald

Question: Mark Who Starred In Ted And The Departed
Solution: Wahlberg

Question: She Was Queen Of England For Most Of The 1800s
Solution: Victoria

Question: Stirring Or Beating Milk To Make Cream Or Cheese
Solution: Churning

Question: This Fungus Causes Mario To Double In Size
Solution: Mushroom

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