Codycross Space Exploration Group 916 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Space Exploration

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Codycross Space Exploration Answers

Question: A Baby Frog Or Toad
Solution: Polliwog

Question: A Disease Causing Organism
Solution: Pathogen

Question: Almond Shaped Brain Region That Responds To Fear
Solution: Amygdala

Question: Amount Of Salt Dissolved In Water
Solution: Salinity

Question: Former Capital Of Burma On The Road To It Perhaps
Solution: Mandalay

Question: Gilbert And Sullivan Opera HMS
Solution: Pinafore

Question: Hes Westworlds Man In Black
Solution: Ed harris

Question: Mausoleum Built In India For Emperors Wife
Solution: Taj mahal

Question: Mexican Dish Or Nike Running Shoe
Solution: Huarache

Question: Number Of Playing Cards In A Full Deck
Solution: Fifty two

Question: Official State Religion Of Cambodia
Solution: Buddhism

Question: Star Wars Episode IV Prequel A Star Wars Story
Solution: Rogue one

Question: Swiftness Keenness
Solution: Alacrity

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