Codycross Space Exploration Group 909 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Space Exploration

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Codycross Space Exploration Answers

Question: Black And White Seabird An Auk Family Member
Solution: Razorbill

Question: Ethiopian Archaeological Site With Ancient Remains
Solution: Omo kibish

Question: French Playwright Who Published Nana In 1880
Solution: Emile zola

Question: I Kissed A Girl And Firework Singer
Solution: Katy perry

Question: Mountain Range That Forms The Backbone Of Italy
Solution: Apennines

Question: One Who Makes Spirits
Solution: Distiller

Question: Random All Over The Place Arbitrary
Solution: Haphazard

Question: The Formal Word For Urinate
Solution: Micturate

Question: Variable Openings For Light On A Camera
Solution: Apertures

Question: What The Chicken Did To The Road
Solution: Crossed it

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