Codycross Space Exploration Group 908 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Space Exploration

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Codycross Space Exploration Answers

Question: 20 20 Means Someone Can See Well
Solution: Vision

Question: A Confection Made From Honey Nuts And Egg Whites
Solution: Nougat

Question: Box Of All The Skills At Someones Disposal
Solution: Tricks

Question: Brought Back To Life Spiritually Awakened
Solution: Reborn

Question: Dress Code Fancier Than Casual
Solution: Formal

Question: Eponymous Icelandic Spouting Thermal Spring
Solution: Geysir

Question: FISA Is This Sports Governing Body
Solution: Rowing

Question: Hustler Feline Nemesis Of Officer Dibble
Solution: Top cat

Question: Penns Partner In Magic
Solution: Teller

Question: Rough Lassie Dog Breed
Solution: Collie

Question: Sets A Keyboard To New Functions
Solution: Remaps

Question: Skippers Big Sister
Solution: Barbie

Question: Sons Of The Laurel Hardy Appreciation Club
Solution: Desert

Question: Stacked Dots Used To Denote A List
Solution: Colons

Question: Star Of The Netflix Series Space Force Steve
Solution: Carell

Question: Students Might Write One Of These About A Book
Solution: Report

Question: The Police Sometimes Do This With Stolen Property
Solution: Locate

Question: This Bob Was A Pioneer Of Reggae Music
Solution: Marley

Question: To Cut Into Two Equal Parts
Solution: Bisect

Question: X Men Member Who Throws Playing Cards
Solution: Gambit

Question: Tongarewa Maori For The Museum Of New Zealand
Solution: Te papa

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