Codycross Space Exploration Group 908 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Space Exploration

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Codycross Space Exploration Answers

Question: 1922 Silent Horror Based On Dracula Novel
Solution: Nosferatu

Question: 1959 Disney Film About A Boy And A Stray Dog
Solution: Old yeller

Question: Celebrity Panel Game Show First Aired In 1962
Solution: Match game

Question: Danish Brand Probably The Best Beer In The World
Solution: Carlsberg

Question: Element Named After What Is Now A Dwarf Planet
Solution: Plutonium

Question: Its What The D In DC Comics Stands For
Solution: Detective

Question: Journalistic Presentation
Solution: Reportage

Question: North American Mammal Similar To An Antelope
Solution: Pronghorn

Question: One Accused Of A Crime In Court
Solution: Defendant

Question: Socks That Are Thick Or Knee High
Solution: Stockings

Question: The British Redhead Who Sings Thinking Out Loud
Solution: Ed sheeran

Question: Tube Shaped Organelle Of A Eukaryotic Cell
Solution: Centriole

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