Codycross Small World Group 697 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Small World

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Codycross Small World Answers

Question: Ancient Peoples Who Used Hieroglyphics
Solution: Egyptians

Question: Bill Who Drew Calvin And Hobbes
Solution: Watterson

Question: Captain Hook Lost His Hand To This Reptile
Solution: Crocodile

Question: Coming Up With A Theory Without The Full Facts
Solution: Guesswork

Question: Dangerous Sliding Of Snow In The Mountains
Solution: Avalanche

Question: Fonts Styles Of Text On A Screen
Solution: Typefaces

Question: It Provides Domestic Illumination
Solution: Light bulb

Question: Lacking A Precise Outline
Solution: Shapeless

Question: Pebbledashed External Wall Finish
Solution: Roughcast

Question: Removable Walkway Used For Embarking A Ship
Solution: Gangplank

Question: Something That Cannot Succeed Or A No Hoper
Solution: Lost cause

Question: Tasty Or Scrumptious
Solution: Delicious

Question: Wide Shallow Steps For Spectators At A Stadium
Solution: Terracing

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