Codycross Science Lab Group 320 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Writ Demanding Testimony
Solution: Subpoena

Question: All The DNA Of A Population
Solution: Gene pool

Question: Approximation Or Estimate Figure
Solution: Ballpark

Question: Demeaned Cheapened
Solution: Degraded

Question: Michel Author Of Madness And Civilization
Solution: Foucault

Question: One Note Dreary Flat Delivery Of A Speech
Solution: Monotone

Question: Pain On Hip And Leg Caused By Pressure On A Nerve
Solution: Sciatica

Question: Palestinian Territory Left Of The River Jordan
Solution: West bank

Question: Perhaps Maybe Feasibly
Solution: Possibly

Question: Sales Where There Are Various Bidders With Paddles
Solution: Auctions

Question: Shouting At A Comedian
Solution: Heckling

Question: Tossing A Pancake So That Both Sides Are Cooked
Solution: Flipping

Question: Water Based Paint For Houses
Solution: Emulsion

Question: Went Before
Solution: Preceded

Question: Where Harry Potter Learns Wizardry
Solution: Hogwarts

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