Codycross Science Lab Group 320 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Aegean Island Famous For Blue Domed White Houses
Solution: Santorini

Question: Art Garfunkel Collaborator
Solution: Paul simon

Question: Eg Thumbs That Move
Solution: Opposable

Question: Heroic Lycra Clad Female Comic Character
Solution: Supergirl

Question: Long Green And White Vegetables From Onion Species
Solution: Scallions

Question: Mozart And Elgar Were These
Solution: Composers

Question: Participant
Solution: Contender

Question: Pennsylvania Dutch Country County PA
Solution: Lancaster

Question: Pleasurable Facilities Or Services
Solution: Amenities

Question: Radioactive Element Pu Sourced From Uranium Ore
Solution: Plutonium

Question: Removing Financing From
Solution: Defunding

Question: Thickness Stickiness Opposite Of Fluidity
Solution: Viscosity

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