Codycross Science Lab Group 320 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: An Order From Higher Up
Solution: Decree

Question: An Overhaul Or Restructuring
Solution: Revamp

Question: Antonym Of Open
Solution: Closed

Question: Barnes Inventor Of The Bouncing Bomb
Solution: Wallis

Question: Charm With Magic Powers To Keep Evil Away
Solution: Amulet

Question: Coffee Spirit Used In A Black Russian
Solution: Kahlua

Question: Coffee Flavored Liquor Used In A Black Russian
Solution: Kahlua

Question: Drags A Weighty Object
Solution: Heaves

Question: George Michael Song Figure
Solution: Father

Question: Lady In A Fairy Tale Often In Distress
Solution: Damsel

Question: Largest State In America In Square Miles
Solution: Alaska

Question: Look Out
Solution: Beware

Question: Thick Humid Forest Eg The Amazon
Solution: Jungle

Question: At Ivry End Of Day Painting By Guillaumin
Solution: Sunset

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