Codycross Science Lab Group 320 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Can Be Satisfied Or Appeased
Solution: Satiable

Question: Chinas Former Policy Of No Siblings Allowed
Solution: One child

Question: Congregations Of Seabirds Living Together
Solution: Colonies

Question: Extinguishing A Candles Flame
Solution: Snuffing

Question: Impetus Thrust Continuing Motion
Solution: Momentum

Question: Large Headed Stud Used On Old Wooden Portals
Solution: Doornail

Question: Orange Flight Recorder On All Planes
Solution: Black box

Question: Orange Colored Flight Recorder
Solution: Black box

Question: People Who Hate Christmas
Solution: Grinches

Question: Prior Nashville Amusement Park Demolished In 1999
Solution: Opryland

Question: Star Like Symbol In Text Directs To A Footnote
Solution: Asterisk

Question: State Where Pikes Peak Is Located
Solution: Colorado

Question: Tennis Hit Where The Ball Lands Just Over The Net
Solution: Drop shot

Question: Universities
Solution: Colleges

Question: Wheat Flour Used Sometimes In Gnocchi And Pasta
Solution: Semolina

Question: Without Any Harmful Addictive Toxins
Solution: Drug free

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