Codycross Science Lab Group 317 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: American Word For What Britons Call A Nappy
Solution: Diaper

Question: Capital And Largest City Of Albania
Solution: Tirana

Question: Country With The Most 2018 Winter Olympics Medals
Solution: Norway

Question: Flat Topped Movables For Eating Or Working On
Solution: Tables

Question: For Deskinning Vegetables
Solution: Peeler

Question: Late Child Actor Singer And Dancer Shirley
Solution: Temple

Question: Led Zeppelin Song Stairway To
Solution: Heaven

Question: Less Constricting Not As Tight
Solution: Looser

Question: Rapacious Gluttonous
Solution: Greedy

Question: The Silver Superhero Who Travels On A Board
Solution: Surfer

Question: The Upshot Or End Result The Line
Solution: Bottom

Question: Tyrannical Leader
Solution: Despot

Question: Work Experience Trainee
Solution: Intern

Question: Zodiac Twins
Solution: Gemini

Question: Potato 1960s Dance Craze
Solution: Mashed

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