Codycross Science Lab Group 317 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Another Name For The Cote DAzur French
Solution: Riviera

Question: Biblical Character Who Betrayed Samson
Solution: Delilah

Question: British Singer Who Was On Game Of Thrones Ed
Solution: Sheeran

Question: Felt Deep Respect Towards Something
Solution: Revered

Question: Goddess Of The Labyrinth In Greek Mythology
Solution: Ariadne

Question: Injured In Pain
Solution: Wounded

Question: Largest Stadium In The UK
Solution: Wembley

Question: Less Wide Slimmer
Solution: Thinner

Question: Memorably
Solution: Notably

Question: Packages Left At Your Doorstep
Solution: Parcels

Question: Personal Someone Hired To Help You Exercise
Solution: Trainer

Question: Physician In The OR
Solution: Surgeon

Question: Popular Gin Vermouth Mix Elixir Of Quietude
Solution: Martini

Question: Sculptors Tools
Solution: Chisels

Question: Smart Jackets Often With Shiny Buttons
Solution: Blazers

Question: Ten Year Periods
Solution: Decades

Question: Vexation Irritation Humiliation
Solution: Chagrin

Question: Inn Hotel Chain Bing Crosby Movie
Solution: Holiday

Question: Eyes Is Also Called Exophthalmos Or Proptosis
Solution: Bulging

Question: For Punishment
Solution: Glutton

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