Codycross Science Lab Group 317 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Anonymous
Solution: Nameless

Question: Black History Month In The US
Solution: February

Question: Break The Terms Of An Agreement
Solution: Infringe

Question: Cut Outs For Drawing Designs
Solution: Stencils

Question: Italian Sparkling Wine Found In A Bellini
Solution: Prosecco

Question: Joined Together Like Bricks
Solution: Cemented

Question: Lost Fictional Island In The Middle Of The Ocean
Solution: Atlantis

Question: Nearby Surrounding Area
Solution: Vicinity

Question: Pet Stephen King Book And Film
Solution: Sematary

Question: Run Past Swim Past
Solution: Overtake

Question: Saintly
Solution: Virtuous

Question: Sourness Acidity
Solution: Acerbity

Question: Steals Goods During Wartime
Solution: Plunders

Question: Sudden Reflex To Clear Breathing Passages
Solution: Coughing

Question: Sudden Success Or Popularity
Solution: Breakout

Question: They Have Calm Eyes Hurricanes
Solution: Cyclones

Question: Tormented Suffering
Solution: Agonized

Question: Trojan War Hero Killed With An Arrow To The Heel
Solution: Achilles

Question: Type Of Animal From Which Shatoush Shawls Are Made
Solution: Antelope

Question: Very Weak And In Need Of Food
Solution: Starving

Question: Warmly Admitted To Someones House
Solution: Welcomed

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