Codycross Science Lab Group 316 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Acted On Stage
Solution: Performed

Question: Art Term Italian For Scratched
Solution: Sgraffito

Question: Boss Of A Type Of Emergency Service Station
Solution: Fire chief

Question: Consensus Accord Unanimity
Solution: Agreement

Question: Country That Is Home To Kangaroo Island
Solution: Australia

Question: Different Routes That Take Less Time
Solution: Shortcuts

Question: Fighters Who Deliberately Damage Infrastructure
Solution: Saboteurs

Question: Guard Defender
Solution: Protector

Question: Italian Term For Assorted Bites Before A Meal
Solution: Antipasti

Question: Italian Term For Assorted Savory Appetizers
Solution: Antipasti

Question: King Murdered By Aegisthus In Greek Mythology
Solution: Agamemnon

Question: Lead Sports Instructor Or Team Manager
Solution: Head coach

Question: Routes That Take Less Time
Solution: Shortcuts

Question: Spinning Ones Thumbs Around Each Other
Solution: Twiddling

Question: Seats A Stadium Or Theaters Uppermost Rows
Solution: Nosebleed

Question: Braveheart Actor
Solution: Mel gibson

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