Codycross Science Lab Group 316 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: 1799 Historic Discovery Near Alexandria Stone
Solution: Rosetta

Question: Ace Pet Detective
Solution: Ventura

Question: African Country Whose Capital Is Abuja
Solution: Nigeria

Question: Creator Of The Character Alfred Jingle Charles
Solution: Dickens

Question: Frozen Pad Applied To Reduce Swelling
Solution: Ice pack

Question: Inflated
Solution: Swollen

Question: Latin Vanity A Still Life Term From Dutch Art
Solution: Vanitas

Question: Little Golden Nuggets Of Corn
Solution: Kernels

Question: Luxury Italian Sports Car Brand
Solution: Ferrari

Question: Making A Noise Like A Snake
Solution: Hissing

Question: Making Beer
Solution: Brewing

Question: Nonessential Body Parts In The Throat
Solution: Tonsils

Question: One Bed Stacked On Top Of Another
Solution: Bunk bed

Question: The Voice Coach Country Artist Blake
Solution: Shelton

Question: The Pleasing Sound Of Nothing At All
Solution: Silence

Question: Warm Hugs
Solution: Cuddles

Question: You Might Give Or Receive A Bouquet Of These
Solution: Flowers

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