Codycross Science Lab Group 316 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Bite Cream To Stop The Itching
Solution: Relief

Question: Blue Belgian Humanoids With Pointy Hats
Solution: Smurfs

Question: By Mouth
Solution: Orally

Question: Capital Of The Emerald Isle
Solution: Dublin

Question: Chaos Unrest
Solution: Uproar

Question: Compassionate And Kind
Solution: Humane

Question: Fashion Brand Or Motor Fuel
Solution: Diesel

Question: French Term Meaning With Milk
Solution: Au lait

Question: Graphic Representation Eg Christian Cross
Solution: Symbol

Question: Julia Roberts Movie Woman
Solution: Pretty

Question: Metal Ni Used In Batteries A US Five Cent Coin
Solution: Nickel

Question: Mind Readers Queue On Paper
Solution: Billet

Question: Ran Like A River
Solution: Flowed

Question: Severe Flood
Solution: Deluge

Question: Sings In A Sentimental Soft Low Tone
Solution: Croons

Question: Someone Using A Phone
Solution: Caller

Question: Son Of A Queen
Solution: Prince

Question: Super Bowl LII Winner
Solution: Eagles

Question: Wettened With The Tongue Like A Cat Bathing
Solution: Licked

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