Codycross Science Lab Group 316 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Brazilian National Dish Of Beans Pork And Beef
Solution: Feijoada

Question: Bruising And Swelling Over An Optical Organ
Solution: Black eye

Question: Disorders That Affect Plants Or Animals
Solution: Diseases

Question: Easy Pleasant To Look At
Solution: On the eye

Question: Faithfulness Loyalty
Solution: Fidelity

Question: Female Aviator
Solution: Aviatrix

Question: Instructing People Of A Plan
Solution: Briefing

Question: Leather Bags For School Books
Solution: Satchels

Question: Manner Of Speaking By An Actor On Stage
Solution: Delivery

Question: Obelisk Or Column Created From One Block Of Stone
Solution: Monolith

Question: Online Activity With The Intent Of Identify Theft
Solution: Phishing

Question: Squats Down
Solution: Crouches

Question: Wall Mounted Devices For Turning Lights On And Off
Solution: Switches

Question: Islands British Territory Off Patagonian Coast
Solution: Falkland

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