Codycross Science Lab Group 313 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Abandoning Fleeing
Solution: Deserting

Question: Body Position Of A Luge Rider
Solution: Feet first

Question: Carving Wood With A Pocket Knife
Solution: Whittling

Question: Episodes Or Sudden Occurrences Of Disease
Solution: Outbreaks

Question: Fluent Graceful Manual Skill
Solution: Dexterity

Question: Henry Mancini Won A 1962 Oscar For This Lunar Tune
Solution: Moon river

Question: How Fast A Gust Or A Breeze Is Blowing
Solution: Wind speed

Question: Invisible UV Rays Transmitted By The Sun
Solution: Radiation

Question: Moving Up On The Career Ladder
Solution: Promotion

Question: Open Dish For Holding Drink Sweetener
Solution: Sugar bowl

Question: Pest Control Device For Small Rodents
Solution: Mousetrap

Question: Place For Arranging And Displaying Novels
Solution: Bookshelf

Question: Place For Arranging Your Dusty Old Tomes
Solution: Bookshelf

Question: Strings Go Through Eyes Hooks In Winter Footwear
Solution: Bootlaces

Question: The Firsts Founding Components
Solution: Originals

Question: Shift Means Working Early Hours Or Overnight
Solution: Graveyard

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