Codycross Science Lab Group 313 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: ABC Show About A Crisis Management Firm In DC
Solution: Scandal

Question: Accumulates Stores Up
Solution: Accrues

Question: Book And Film About A Magical Board Game
Solution: Jumanji

Question: Currency Spent In Kabul And Kandahar
Solution: Afghani

Question: Dark Green Lettuce Typically Used In Caesar Salad
Solution: Romaine

Question: Electrical Gizmos
Solution: Gadgets

Question: Figure Built Outside In Winter
Solution: Snowman

Question: Former Stage Name Of Islam Convert Yusuf Cat
Solution: Stevens

Question: Got Rid Of Discarded
Solution: Ditched

Question: Metal Spikes For Cooking Meat On Barbecues
Solution: Skewers

Question: Nationality A Homonym Of A Synonym Of End
Solution: Finnish

Question: Nervy Jumpy On Edge
Solution: Jittery

Question: Places Of White Collar Work
Solution: Offices

Question: Rachel Actress Of Mean Girls
Solution: Mcadams

Question: Sells Meat
Solution: Butcher

Question: Stuck Glued
Solution: Adhered

Question: The Queen Movie With Katherine Hepburn
Solution: African

Question: The Bird Where Hera Placed The Giant Arguss Eyes
Solution: Peacock

Question: The Intrinsic Quality Of Something
Solution: Essence

Question: US State Where Key Largo Is Found
Solution: Florida

Question: Winter Sculpture With Eyes And A Carrot Nose
Solution: Snowman

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