Codycross Science Lab Group 313 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Stored Website For Easy Access
Solution: Bookmark

Question: Affectionate But Not Romantic Friendship
Solution: Platonic

Question: Appointment Of Friends To Positions Of Power
Solution: Cronyism

Question: Belgian And EU Capital
Solution: Brussels

Question: Burning Via A Hot Or Boiling Liquid
Solution: Scalding

Question: Daughter Of Helen Of Troy And Menelaus In Myth
Solution: Hermione

Question: Edge To Edge Line Going Through The Center Of A Circle
Solution: Diameter

Question: Furniture For Sleeping One On Top Of The Other
Solution: Bunk beds

Question: Items That Are Won Or Earned Eg Cups Awards
Solution: Trophies

Question: Jury Decisions
Solution: Verdicts

Question: Lately Not Long Ago
Solution: Recently

Question: Line Going Through The Middle Of A Circle
Solution: Diameter

Question: Main Religion Of The Philippines
Solution: Catholic

Question: Male Horse Used For Breeding
Solution: Stallion

Question: Military Strategy Game With A Board
Solution: Stratego

Question: Strap Yourself In And Prepare For The Ride
Solution: Buckle up

Question: Term For Convention Defying Women In The 1920s
Solution: Flappers

Question: The Grand Hotel Directed By Wes Anderson
Solution: Budapest

Question: Took Delight In Or Looked Forward To A Challenge
Solution: Relished

Question: Trade Show For Publications
Solution: Book fair

Question: Without Any Marks From Healed Wounds
Solution: Scarless

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