Codycross Science Lab Group 312 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Actions That Boost Ones Self Esteem
Solution: Egotrips

Question: Augustus Immediate Successor
Solution: Tiberius

Question: Canceled A Law
Solution: Repealed

Question: Electronic Structured Storage Of Information
Solution: Database

Question: Engravings Impressions Inscriptions
Solution: Etchings

Question: Fashion Designer Known For Her Wedding Dresses
Solution: Vera wang

Question: Goat And Sheeps Milk Grilling Cheese From Cyprus
Solution: Halloumi

Question: International Police Group Based In France
Solution: Interpol

Question: International Police Organization Based In France
Solution: Interpol

Question: Like A Dog Retrieving A Ball
Solution: Fetching

Question: NYC Borough Where Coney Island Is Located
Solution: Brooklyn

Question: Name Of Ireland In Classical Times
Solution: Hibernia

Question: Open Storage For Books
Solution: Shelving

Question: Process Of Adding Organic Material To Top Of Soil
Solution: Mulching

Question: Recorded Line Of Ancestry
Solution: Pedigree

Question: Rescinded A Law
Solution: Repealed

Question: Sequence Of Main Events In A Narrative
Solution: Plotline

Question: The Film About A Jew Who Becomes A Neo Nazi
Solution: Believer

Question: Traditional Scottish Instrument
Solution: Bagpipes

Question: You Pull Them Jokes Mottoes Party Hats Included
Solution: Crackers

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