Codycross Science Lab Group 309 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Belief That Divine Union Is Achieved By Intuition
Solution: Mysticism

Question: Body Of Water Between China And Korean Peninsula
Solution: Yellow sea

Question: Cheats Conmen
Solution: Swindlers

Question: Dedicated
Solution: Committed

Question: French Term For A Highly Reduced Stock
Solution: Demi glace

Question: Initial Station On A Baseball Diamond
Solution: First base

Question: Lift Hair Color With Darker Strands
Solution: Lowlights

Question: Lift Hair Shade With Darker Strands
Solution: Lowlights

Question: Made Larger Or Louder
Solution: Amplified

Question: Nations Symbols Hang From These
Solution: Flagpoles

Question: One Of Six Babies From The Same Birth
Solution: Sextuplet

Question: One Who Doesnt Arrive On Time
Solution: Latecomer

Question: Regretful Remorseful
Solution: Repentant

Question: To Enlighten Or Enchant
Solution: Enrapture

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