Codycross Science Lab Group 308 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Algebraic Expression Of The Sum Of Two Terms
Solution: Binomial

Question: City From Which Paul Escaped In A Basket
Solution: Damascus

Question: Fleet Of Ships Or Boats
Solution: Flotilla

Question: Large And Stately Homes
Solution: Mansions

Question: Makes Food In Advance
Solution: Precooks

Question: Opposite Of Horizontal
Solution: Vertical

Question: Preceded With An Introduction
Solution: Prefaced

Question: Small Pieces Of Wood Used To Start A Fire
Solution: Kindling

Question: Star Of The Hunger Games Jennifer
Solution: Lawrence

Question: The Southern Hemispheres Most Populous City
Solution: Sao paulo

Question: Thin Flatbread Used To Make Chips And Burritos
Solution: Tortilla

Question: To Remove A Limb In A Surgical Operation
Solution: Amputate

Question: Trapped On An Island
Solution: Marooned

Question: Washington DC Hockey Team
Solution: Capitals

Question: Writer Of Song Words
Solution: Lyricist

Question: Carrier Naval Vessel That Launches Planes
Solution: Aircraft

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