Codycross Science Lab Group 305 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Batters Head Protection In Baseball
Solution: Helmet

Question: Father Or Mother
Solution: Parent

Question: Furrows Ones Brow
Solution: Frowns

Question: Hang Around In The Air Like A Bad Smell
Solution: Linger

Question: King Of The Jungle His Consort Is Jane
Solution: Tarzan

Question: Large Bodies Of Water Becoming Polluted By Plastic
Solution: Oceans

Question: Person After Whom A Discovery Is Named
Solution: Eponym

Question: Printer That Fires Droptlets Of Fluid Onto Paper
Solution: Inkjet

Question: Road Runners Foil
Solution: Coyote

Question: Short Range Cannon Sounds Like Brickwork Element
Solution: Mortar

Question: Soak Up
Solution: Absorb

Question: Something That Holds Up Well Strong
Solution: Sturdy

Question: Teeter Totter
Solution: Seesaw

Question: These Public Transit Carriages Run On Railways
Solution: Trains

Question: To Fall For Lie Swallow Hook Line And
Solution: Sinker

Question: Two Legged Creatures
Solution: Bipeds

Question: Walt The Creator Of Mickey Mouse
Solution: Disney

Question: Words In Singing Rather Than The Instrumentation
Solution: Vocals

Question: Dancer Polite Euphemistic Term For A Stripper
Solution: Exotic

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