Codycross Science Lab Group 305 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Birds Feathers
Solution: Plumage

Question: A Ruler Of Ancient Egypt Term Means Great House
Solution: Pharaoh

Question: Broken Injured
Solution: Damaged

Question: Classic Redheaded Sitcom Star Ball
Solution: Lucille

Question: Country Where Doberman Pinschers Originated
Solution: Germany

Question: Father Of Odysseus Penelope Weaves His Shroud
Solution: Laertes

Question: Flintstones Hometown
Solution: Bedrock

Question: Food And Fuel Of Tennis Champions
Solution: Bananas

Question: French Post Impressionist Created The Card Players
Solution: Cezanne

Question: Greek City The Site Of An Ancient Canal
Solution: Corinth

Question: Hole In The Ground For Petroleum Harvesting
Solution: Oil well

Question: Military Rank Thats A Homophone Of A Corn Niblet
Solution: Colonel

Question: Photos Taken With The Camera Facing Towards You
Solution: Selfies

Question: Rope Used For Lowering Or Raising A Sail
Solution: Halyard

Question: Round Ocular Organ Positioned Under A Lid
Solution: Eyeball

Question: Seeing Glass Worn In One Eye
Solution: Monocle

Question: Solved A Mystery Arrived At A Conclusion
Solution: Deduced

Question: Ten Sided Shape
Solution: Decagon

Question: The Two Gentlemen Of Verona Valentine And
Solution: Proteus

Question: The Bad Guy In A Movie Or Book
Solution: Villain

Question: Venetian Cocktail Of Prosecco And Peach Nectar
Solution: Bellini

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