Codycross Science Lab Group 305 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: A Shape With Five Sides
Solution: Pentagon

Question: According To The Saying What Beggars Cant Be
Solution: Choosers

Question: Banned Or Forbidden
Solution: Outlawed

Question: Essential Ropes That Release Parachutes
Solution: Ripcords

Question: Feeling Happy Bright And Buoyant
Solution: Cheerful

Question: Five Sided Shape
Solution: Pentagon

Question: Folk Hero King Of The Wild Frontier Davy
Solution: Crockett

Question: Greek Hero Of The Trojan War
Solution: Diomedes

Question: Hard Italian Cheese For Grating On Pasta
Solution: Parmesan

Question: In Plentiful Supply
Solution: Abundant

Question: Intended As Discipline A Hardship
Solution: Punitive

Question: Overly Interested In
Solution: Obsessed

Question: Seriousness Solemnity Sober
Solution: Gravitas

Question: South African City Home To Table Mountain
Solution: Cape town

Question: Stubborn Or Obstinate
Solution: Obdurate

Question: Tasty Coffee Break Snack Eg Flapjack Rocky Road
Solution: Traybake

Question: Time Of Day When Roads Are Busy
Solution: Rush hour

Question: Tiny Tims Surname In A Christmas Carol
Solution: Cratchit

Question: Volcano That Destroyed Pompei Mount
Solution: Vesuvius

Question: Wearing Grinding Or Rubbing Away By Friction
Solution: Abrasion

Question: What The S Stands For In The TV Show SNL
Solution: Saturday

Question: Wooden Storage For Reading Material
Solution: Bookcase

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