Codycross Science Lab Group 304 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Avoids Steers Clear Of
Solution: Averts

Question: Bring Back To Life
Solution: Revive

Question: Cried Out Like A Wounded Dog
Solution: Yelped

Question: Elton John Song Tiny
Solution: Dancer

Question: Mother Albanian Nun Famous For Charity Work
Solution: Teresa

Question: Olympic Sword Competitor
Solution: Fencer

Question: Opposite Of Casual
Solution: Formal

Question: TV Game Show Hosted By Steve Harvey Feud
Solution: Family

Question: Two Young Girls At The Piano By Pierre Auguste
Solution: Renoir

Question: West Side Story Oscar Winner Rita
Solution: Moreno

Question: Where Santa Claus Was Coming In The Supremes Song
Solution: To town

Question: Worlds Oldest And Most Widely Used Type Of Nut
Solution: Almond

Question: Delilah Biblical Tale Of A Harmful Haircut
Solution: Samson

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