Codycross Science Lab Group 303 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: Elvis Estate
Solution: Graceland

Question: Female Star Of La La Land
Solution: Emma stone

Question: Fire And Refers To The Wrath Of God
Solution: Brimstone

Question: Forced Removal Of A Child From School
Solution: Expulsion

Question: Fruitfulness And Fecundity
Solution: Fertility

Question: Gathered Together
Solution: Assembled

Question: Got Rid Of
Solution: Discarded

Question: Ice Cream Topping
Solution: Sprinkles

Question: Invented Language By Ludwik Zamenhof
Solution: Esperanto

Question: Large Manmade Water Storage Pool
Solution: Reservoir

Question: Large Built Water Storage Pool
Solution: Reservoir

Question: Officially Agreeing Rubber Stamping
Solution: Approving

Question: Sociable Birds That Flock In Murmurations
Solution: Starlings

Question: Transmission Mechanisms Of Motor Vehicles
Solution: Gearboxes

Question: Woody Allen Film 1977 Best Picture Oscar Winner
Solution: Annie hall

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