Codycross Planet Earth Group 13 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Planet Earth

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Codycross Planet Earth Answers

Question: A Comic Book Character In The Marvel Universe
Solution: Stonewall

Question: Capital Of Spains Catalonia Region
Solution: Barcelona

Question: Discuss Something For Mutual Benefit
Solution: Negotiate

Question: Dismissal Or Refusal Of Something
Solution: Rejection

Question: Due Pre Contract Signing Investigation
Solution: Diligence

Question: Dying Hair To Remove Color Making It Blond White
Solution: Bleaching

Question: Dying Hair To Remove Darkness Making It Blond
Solution: Bleaching

Question: French Philosopher Mathematician
Solution: Descartes

Question: Household Items For Which IKEA Is Primarily Known
Solution: Furniture

Question: Item Used To Store Something
Solution: Container

Question: Musical Percussion Instrument Marimba Balafon
Solution: Xylophone

Question: Set Of People For A Business To Test Ideas On
Solution: User group

Question: Small Device To Measure Pressure In Wheels Of A Car
Solution: Tire gauge

Question: Speaking Quietly And Unclearly
Solution: Muttering

Question: The Act Of Obtaining Government Or Corporate Secrets
Solution: Espionage

Question: Total Lack Of Vision
Solution: Blindness

Question: Woodworker By Profession
Solution: Carpenter

Question: Page Star Of Sweet Bird Of Youth
Solution: Geraldine

Question: Rock Elvis Goes To Prison In This Movie
Solution: Jailhouse

Question: Arches Related To Breathing Gills In Fish
Solution: Branchial

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