Codycross Pet Shop Group 343 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Chinese Decorating Laws
Solution: Feng shui

Question: Destroy Or Eliminate A Large Percentage Of
Solution: Decimate

Question: Eva Who Played Gabrielle On Desperate Housewives
Solution: Longoria

Question: Extinct Mammal Similar To An Elephant
Solution: Mastodon

Question: Get Rid Of Completely Leave No Trace
Solution: Decimate

Question: Hugs
Solution: Embraces

Question: Long Tailed Bird
Solution: Pheasant

Question: Medieval Weapon Also Used To Hurl Objects
Solution: Catapult

Question: Mocking Scornful Scathing
Solution: Sardonic

Question: Small Narrow Tourist Boats In Venice
Solution: Gondolas

Question: Temple In Rome Constructed During Augustus Reign
Solution: Pantheon

Question: Thirteen British Settlements On Americas Coast
Solution: Colonies

Question: Venetian Boats
Solution: Gondolas

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