Codycross Pet Shop Group 343 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Pet Shop

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Asian Anteater With Scales
Solution: Pangolin

Question: Asian Armored Anteater
Solution: Pangolin

Question: Board Game Where Players Buy Houses And Hotels
Solution: Monopoly

Question: Car Technician
Solution: Mechanic

Question: Competitive Sport Which FINA Oversees
Solution: Swimming

Question: Disorder Of The Pancreas
Solution: Diabetes

Question: Dorian Gray Was Obsessed By One
Solution: Portrait

Question: Fighting Or Struggling Against
Solution: Battling

Question: Forgoes Goes Without Misses
Solution: Forfeits

Question: Left The Army Without Permission
Solution: Deserted

Question: Obtains Goals
Solution: Achieves

Question: Portuguese Explorer Killed In The Philippines
Solution: Magellan

Question: Receptacles For Stubbing Out Cigarettes
Solution: Ashtrays

Question: Red Vines And Twizzlers Are This Type Of Candy
Solution: Licorice

Question: Sliver Of A Moon Seen Early In A Lunar Month
Solution: Crescent

Question: Tightening Of Wrinkles Through Surgery
Solution: Facelift

Question: United Colors Italian Clothing Retailer
Solution: Benetton

Question: Watery Air Transport Invented By Henri Fabre
Solution: Seaplane

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