Codycross Pet Shop Group 342 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Pet Shop

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Diverts The Audiences Attention From An Actor
Solution: Upstages

Question: Eats Both Plants And Animals
Solution: Omnivore

Question: Facts Materials Given To Prove Guilt Or Innocence
Solution: Evidence

Question: Go To Website For Movie And TV Reviews Rotten
Solution: Tomatoes

Question: Inflammation Of Fluid Filled Sacs At The Joints
Solution: Bursitis

Question: Irresistible Pull
Solution: Magnetic

Question: Koh Samui Island Is This Countrys 2nd Largest
Solution: Thailand

Question: Legume That Hummus Is Made From
Solution: Chickpea

Question: Materials Presented In Court To Prove Guilt
Solution: Evidence

Question: Meat And Plant Eater
Solution: Omnivore

Question: Next To Where The Boxing Action Takes Place
Solution: Ringside

Question: Not Lacking In Confidence
Solution: Outgoing

Question: Parisian Prison Its Capture Heralded A Revolution
Solution: Bastille

Question: Reed Woodwind With Keys
Solution: Clarinet

Question: Terrific Fabulous
Solution: Splendid

Question: The View Has Warren Beatty As A Reporter
Solution: Parallax

Question: The Sky Above A Country Controlled By That Country
Solution: Airspace

Question: Wounding Fragments From An Explosive Device
Solution: Shrapnel

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