Codycross Pet Shop Group 342 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Pet Shop

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: A Period Of New Life Or Revival
Solution: Rebirth

Question: Collected And Kept In Piles
Solution: Hoarded

Question: Colonial Era Volunteer Military
Solution: Militia

Question: Exercise That Involves Increasing Your Heart Rate
Solution: Aerobic

Question: Fake Or Forge
Solution: Falsify

Question: Half Man And Half Horse Mythological Creature
Solution: Centaur

Question: Japanese Dish Of Batter Dipped Deep Fried Veggies
Solution: Tempura

Question: Kinds Of Animals Studied By An Entomologist
Solution: Insects

Question: Ocean On Which Ecuador Has Its Coastline
Solution: Pacific

Question: Runners Who Exercise At A Relatively Steady Pace
Solution: Joggers

Question: Smoke Escapes From It
Solution: Chimney

Question: Software That Tracks And Reports Your Keystrokes
Solution: Spyware

Question: Tarnished Damaged
Solution: Tainted

Question: Words Of Encouragement
Solution: Pep talk

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