Codycross Pet Shop Group 341 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Double Decker Bed Popular With Siblings
Solution: Bunk bed

Question: Egyptian Hippo Goddess Stands On Two Feet
Solution: Taweret

Question: From Many Places Varied
Solution: Diverse

Question: Icing Topped Finger Shaped Pastries With Cream
Solution: Eclairs

Question: Made Of Clay
Solution: Ceramic

Question: North London Football Club Or Weapons Stash
Solution: Arsenal

Question: Period Of Silence On The Radio
Solution: Dead air

Question: Resulting Following
Solution: Ensuing

Question: Roberto Designer Of Sand Blasted Denims
Solution: Cavalli

Question: Saint Expensive 6th District Of Paris
Solution: Germain

Question: Shakespeares Tragedy About The King Of Scotland
Solution: Macbeth

Question: Time When Day And Night Are Of Equal Length
Solution: Equinox

Question: Wearable Gas Powered Flying Device
Solution: Jetpack

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