Codycross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Anagram Of Fibers
Solution: Briefs

Question: Another Name For Vitamin B3
Solution: Niacin

Question: Being Currently In Operation Room For Lounging
Solution: Living

Question: Bush Aussie Food From Native Plants Animals
Solution: Tucker

Question: Car Company That Makes The LEAF Electric Car
Solution: Nissan

Question: Class
Solution: Lesson

Question: Cold Lennon Song With B Side Dont Worry Kyoko
Solution: Turkey

Question: Color Of An Eggplant
Solution: Purple

Question: Curriculum Vitae
Solution: Resume

Question: Feast Of The Seven
Solution: Fishes

Question: Give All Ones Time To Someone Or Something
Solution: Devote

Question: Grass Family Cereal Grain
Solution: Barley

Question: Harm Caused
Solution: Damage

Question: He Won It Fair And
Solution: Square

Question: John P US Banker With A Company In His Name
Solution: Morgan

Question: John Zimbabwean Test And ODI Cricketer
Solution: Rennie

Question: Largest Sea Mammals Home To Jonah
Solution: Whales

Question: Literary Method Of Comparison As Quiet As A Mouse
Solution: Simile

Question: Made An Exact Copy
Solution: Cloned

Question: Nickname For Canadian 1 Coin
Solution: Loonie

Question: Place Of Confinement For Convicted Felons
Solution: Prison

Question: Polands Capital
Solution: Warsaw

Question: Prince In Mozarts Opera The Magic Flute
Solution: Tamino

Question: Slang For Money In South Africa
Solution: Boodle

Question: Synagogue Assistant Shamash
Solution: Gabbai

Question: The Projecting Jaws And Nose Of An Animal
Solution: Muzzle

Question: US Democratic Political Party Symbol
Solution: Donkey

Question: Your Things Of Value
Solution: Assets

Question: Bung Karno Stadium Indonesias Biggest
Solution: Gelora

Question: Kai Shek Led The KMT Government On Taiwan
Solution: Chiang

Question: Lindgren Swedish Author Of Pippi Longstocking
Solution: Astrid

Question: Washington Oscar Winner For Training Day
Solution: Denzel

Question: Iron Hinged Metal Device To Bake Pancake Mix
Solution: Waffle

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