Codycross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Great Voice Pioneer Of Video Game Consoles
Solution: Magnavox

Question: A Persons Collection Of Clothes
Solution: Wardrobe

Question: Abhorred Detested
Solution: Despised

Question: Ballet About A Toymaker
Solution: Coppelia

Question: Bought Anagram Of Producer
Solution: Procured

Question: Canadian Province Whose Capital Is Winnipeg
Solution: Manitoba

Question: David Who Played Mulder In The X Files
Solution: Duchovny

Question: Device That Can Be Used Without Connecting Cord
Solution: Wireless

Question: Largest Of The United Arab Emirates
Solution: Abu dhabi

Question: Live Public Musical Performances
Solution: Concerts

Question: Mental State Of Insecurity Anxiety
Solution: Neurosis

Question: National Capital Of Australia
Solution: Canberra

Question: Save Your Place
Solution: Bookmark

Question: Scary Creatures
Solution: Monsters

Question: Ship Swallowing Zone Near Bermuda In The Atlantic
Solution: Triangle

Question: The Furthest Flight Routes And Destinations
Solution: Long haul

Question: To Pretend To Be Sick To Avoid Doing Work
Solution: Malinger

Question: US Battles To End Slavery 1861 1865
Solution: Civil war

Question: Without Any Large Tall Vegetation
Solution: Treeless

Question: Truffaut French Director Of Jules Et Jim
Solution: Fran├žois

Question: Board Peg Table Of Compass Points And Holes
Solution: Traverse

Question: Furniture Chests Chairs Used By The Military
Solution: Campaign

Question: Pudding Sieved Jam With Flaky Pastry
Solution: Bakewell

Question: Rate The Value Of One Currency Against Another
Solution: Exchange

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