Codycross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Feral Boar
Solution: Razorback

Question: African Giant Gastropod
Solution: Land snail

Question: Called Liberty Steak In The US During WWII
Solution: Hamburger

Question: Catalytic Device To Reduce Vehicle Emissions
Solution: Converter

Question: Common Gamebirds With Long Tail Feathers
Solution: Pheasants

Question: Don Quixote Tilted At Them
Solution: Windmills

Question: Drying Shriveling
Solution: Withering

Question: Drying Wasting Away
Solution: Withering

Question: Five Day Event Between Major Cricketing Nations
Solution: Test match

Question: Harsh Scratchy Garment Worn As A Show Of Penance
Solution: Hair shirt

Question: Having Gone Back To A Place
Solution: Revisited

Question: Male Sponsor Of A Child At Its Christian Baptism
Solution: Godfather

Question: Occupied By Animals
Solution: Inhabited

Question: Papas Delicate Jackie Gleason Plays Papa
Solution: Condition

Question: Polish Dance Music Associated With Chopin
Solution: Polonaise

Question: Raining Lightly But Continuously
Solution: Drizzling

Question: Remove Objects For Simplicity At Home
Solution: Declutter

Question: SI Derived Unit Of Radioactivity Symbol Bq
Solution: Becquerel

Question: Seaside Venue For Club And Ball Game
Solution: Golf links

Question: She Takes You To Your Seat In The Theater
Solution: Usherette

Question: US International News Agency Founded In 1995
Solution: Bloomberg

Question: Unter Den Linden In Berlin Is A Tree Lined
Solution: Boulevard

Question: What Many Hands Make
Solution: Light work

Question: Im Popeye The
Solution: Sailor man

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